We are taking part in SOCKtober

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is just around the corner, and this year more than ever, people have experienced issues with their mental health. We’re marking WMHD with the Socktober Challenge on Saturday 10th October and would love for you and your teams to get involved too!

What is the Socktober Challenge?
The challenge is to wear your funkiest, brightest socks on Saturday 10th October to show that you don’t always know what’s going on underneath. Something as simple as a conversation about your bright socks can led to someone feeling less isolated and better about themselves – simple huh? The main objective is to raise awareness and encourage people to open up about their wellbeing.

Did you know?

  • “One in five (19%) people experienced some form of depression in June this year, almost double the 9.7% with symptoms in the nine months leading up to March”
  • “One in eight adults (12.9%) developed moderate to severe depressive symptoms during the pandemic”
  • “Feeling stressed or anxious was the most common way adults experiencing some form of depression felt their well-being was affected, with 84.9% stating this”

Source: Office for National Statistics