New year. New nourishment.

This January, when we may feel overwhelmed with busy schedules + life’s modern
pressures, we could all do with putting back in, what life takes out. That’s why
sinking a ladel into warming broth at wagamama and taking time to nourish the
soul is about replenishing + rejuvinating so you can go after the next big thing.
2023 at wagamama kicks off with not only taking time to nourish yourself, but
knowing how to nourish others too. The brand have partnered with the bread +
butter thing
, who’s incredible work feeds the people who need it most, day in day

What better way to showcase what wagamama does all-year round, than
Veganuary. With their ongoing pledge to make small choices for big change
through their 50% plant-based menu, as well as the classic kare lomen making a
comeback refreshed with new flavours for their Veganuary exclusive, why not take
time to delve into warming chillies, fragrant lemongrass + a rich coconut broth this
Veganuary. Wrap your hands around nourishment, the way it’s meant to be.

From bowl to soul at Wagamama, Princesshay.