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Fancy discounted sneakers, competitions and all the latest trends? Join THE SCHUH CLUB, our new loyalty program.
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The customer will earn points on each transaction where their loyalty membership has been used or their loyalty account has been identified with an email address.

The customer will earn points that will be converted into the currency relevant to the location or website that they signed up for.

For every £1/€1 spent the customer will receive 1 SCHUH CLUB point unless otherwise stated.

Points earned will be rounded to the nearest pound/euro per item (e.g. £0.49 or less will be rounded down, £0.50 or more will be rounded up)

The delivery fee is excluded from the points calculation.

Points are accrued the day after the transaction as Pending Points Balance, only after 28 days will points be activated and settle as Available Points Balance.

If a return is made within 28 days post-purchase the Pending Balance will be revoked. If a return is made after 28 days, available points will be revoked. If Available Points points have already been deducted towards a reward the customers gift card reward will not be removed, any remaining available balance will be revoked for the purchase amount to a minimum value of 0 Available Points.

A £5/€5 gift card will be sent to the customer once their Available Points Balance reaches 100.

Once the £5/€5 gift card has been issued, 100 Available Points will be removed from the Available Points balance.

£5/€5 gift cards will be sent to the customer via email on the day 100 available points is reached.

The customer will continue to receive a £5/€5 gift card every time they earn 100 points in the Available Balance.

Available points will expire two years after the customer’s last purchase if there have been no subsequent purchases made.

All points will be removed from the customer account after two years without a purchase but the customer will continue to receive THE SCHUH CLUB communications.

If the customer chooses to opt-out of THE SCHUH CLUB all points will be removed and the customer will no longer receive communications from THE SCHUH CLUB.

The customer can later re-enter the programme at anytime by opting back in, starting with 0 points.

Loyalty cards and points balances can be removed at any point if a customer is deemed not to be using the programme in the spirit in which it is meant.

If the customer has not opted into loyalty at the time of purchase, points will not be added to their loyalty account.

Loyalty points will not be earned on any gift cards bought online or in-store at the point of purchase. Points will be issued when the recipient of the gift card redeems the gift card as a payment method on their purchase.

Our standard 365-day return policy still applies to all SCHUH CLUB members

When the customer reserves an order for collection THE SCHUH CLUB points will only enter the pending balance the day after the order has been paid for in-store.