Heritage Open Days

We are very pleased to be part of the official Heritage Open Days running from 10th – 19th September 2021.

This year we have prepared a virtual tour of the public art located throughout Princesshay so you can learn about and enjoy these new and restored pieces that were incorporated into the redevelopment of the shopping centre in 2007.

And of course, if you like what you see you can visit us 365 days of the year to explore and find them for yourselves!

1. Alms Houses: Marking Time, Patricia McKinnon-Day
This piece recreates lost doors which would of been part of the Almshouses. 9 free standing arches showcase archaeological finds within the glass. Texts from the ‘Chapter Acts’ book are sandblasted into the pavers, providing a record of every day life within the almhouses.

2. Glow Stones: Jeff Bell
Inspired by the weather beaten texture of the city walls, these pebble like sculptures draw your eye to the view of the Cathedral.

3. Exeter Traceries, Katayoun Pasban Dowlatshahi
Six panels which echo the windows of the Cathedral behind, changing constantly with the light.

4. In Memory Exeter 1942, Roger Dean
Two bronze relief panels commemorating the bombing of Exeter in the Baedeker raids of 4th May 1942.

5. Exeter Phoenix
Restored and relocated as part of the development of Princesshay commemorating the rebuilding of Exeter following the bombing in May 1942.

6. Blue Boy
One of four in the city and originally from St Johns Hospital School.

7. Hope & Despair
Created in 1957, again relating to the destruction and reconstruction in 1942.