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Light at the end of the tunnel! Slowly but surely, everything seems to be coming back together. We’ve been in this strange place give or take 3 months…honestly, I think it’s going scarily fast. How is it June already? (Note: we closer to this Christmas than last Christmas!)
I have been waiting patiently to be told that I can go back to the office or see my friends and family. I bet if this time last year someone said to you, “you can work from home as long as you only go out once a day for exercise” – deal. Or even, “you can have a few months off work for 80% of your wage but you must stay at home” – absolutely! It’s definitely been eye opening.
Even though I am super eager to get back to normality, the anxiety of being released back into the world is real. Does anyone else feel like they need two weeks notice to get their sleeping pattern back? We entered lockdown in Spring (more like winter) and are coming out in Summer… what on earth will I wear? Am I ready to socialise with actual humans again rather than via a Facetime quiz?

Something I have enjoyed seeing is how people have used this time positively. Improving their fitness or mental health, embracing quality time with loved ones, discovering a new hobby or talent. I’ve heard some people say that time out of “real life” was what we needed to appreciate the little things we started to take for granted – I like this (although next time, something on a smaller scale will suffice).
2020, it’s been a strange old year so far, and we’re only half way through… I just hope nobody ran out of toilet roll.

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