GUEST POST: Creating the ultimate capsule wardrobe in 5 simple steps


By Chantelle Znideric, personal stylist


For many of us it would be an absolute dream to have a stylish capsule wardrobe you could rely on to create multiple outfits and effortlessly pull together multiple looks for all manner of occasions…

The secret is to curate a collection of ‘key staple’ items (e.g. trousers, skirts, dresses and jackets) and ‘basic essentials’ (e.g. tops and knitwear) that can be mixed and matched or dressed up or down to create endless outfit combinations, ensuring you look your best for any eventuality.

As a stylist, I like to live by the mantra ‘less is more’, and simplifying your wardrobe will most certainly save you time knowing which key pieces work well together and save you money in knowing exactly where to make the investment the long term too!

The first thing to note is that we all have different body shapes, proportions and colourings and no one capsule wardrobe will ever be the same – it is entirely individual to us. Next, think about how you spend your time, recognise your clothing likes and dislikes (i.e. what makes you feel great and what doesn’t), then marry up the clothes in your wardrobe to complement your lifestyle. So for example, if you’re the active type and enjoy exercising, comfort is a priority, but express your personality with unique patterns and colours. Get the perfect balance and it will make getting dressed in the mornings totally hassle-free (I promise!).

Don’t put pressure on yourself, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a bold fashion statement but it should reflect you, your style and your personality. As Coco Chanel always reminds me, ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same.’ Be true to yourself. The things you love to wear will make you feel amazing and your natural style and confidence will shine through without a doubt. Listen to your heart.

So… How do I begin creating my own capsule wardrobe, I hear you ask? … Here are my top five tips on where to start:


Stylist tip #1

Aim for around 20-40 items (including all those key staples and essential basic items), depending on your lifestyle. I appreciate this doesn’t sound like a lot but you’d be surprised at what can be achieved with a modest amount of clothing!

Stylist tip #2

Begin by editing your current wardrobe, but be prepared to be ruthless. It’s a good idea to make piles of clothes to keep, throw and mend. Move aside items you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. Say goodbye to old, lifeless and unflattering items and ditch the clothes that are too small, too big or you no longer have use for. Don’t get too sentimental, if it doesn’t fit or work for your ‘now’ lifestyle think about passing it on to a charity or someone else that will love it.

Stylist tip #3

Compartmentalise your lifestyle into work, weekend and going out as well as organise your clothing items to follow suit. Think about how formal or informal you are required to be at work or what look you want to portray at the weekend and take notice of the details, fabrics, colours and current styles in your existing wardrobe – are there any similarities? Assess whether the clothes in your wardrobe balance with your lifestyle, reflect your personality and make you feel good (this is key). I’m sure this process will also make you think positively about each item, feel utterly liberated whilst leaving you plenty of room to see each item you possess.

Finally, once you have established where the gaps lie you can get a better picture of what you need to buy for the new season without simply buying for the sake of it.

Stylist tip #4

When creating a new outfit it is always best to start with the bottoms, i.e. skirts and trousers, as these will form the solid foundations of your wardrobe. These important staple items are key to making every outfit work each time and without delay! Invest in the perfect fit for your body shape and the best quality your budget can stretch to, as these will work hard for you all year round, making the cost per wear minimal. The idea is to have one pair of trousers or a skirt that you can style with at least three or four tops!

Stylist tip #5

To add individuality, take the plunge and introduce colour, texture, embellishments, patterns and prints, and take notice of fabrics that are season appropriate. This is where you can channel the inner style guru within you, with the finer detail often being the thing to allow you to shine!

Finally, go forth, have fun with it and be stylish! See Chantelle’s spring picks from Princesshay here >>