Introducing Superdry Knitwear Collection AW/23

Chunky cable, Argyle diamonds, to Varsity-inspired statement knits.

The Superdry Knitwear Collection AW/23 is an innovative knitwear range that twins traditional wool craftmanship with contemporary tailoring techniques.

Superdry tap into cultural references from knitwear’s rich history, leaning into inspiration from the Scottish Highlands, American collegiate styles, through to Scandinavian “Hygge” culture. Each cultural reference is woven into the storytelling of each garment.

As they continue to develop construction techniques, the depth of detailing continues to evolve. New silhouettes feature within the range that span a variety of gauges, with high-neck, pie collars, and cropped hems being introduced to further elevate and broaden the versatility of this year’s